Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Profiles in class: Kevin L. Bryant

From the state that brought us the Civil War and keeps on giving: the stupid crops are in. South Carolina had a banner harvest!!

South Carolina State Senator Kevin L. Bryant is a classy guy. Which is why he has the above picture plastered on his website. You know, the same old Obama/Osama, secret Muslim jihadist, Manchurian candidate stuff. Nico Pitney of Huffington Post was able to snag an interview with the guy and here are the highlights.
"I've got some questions about Senator Obama's ties to -- such as his comment that we should negotiate with Iran. Iran's a country that would like to destroy Israel, that bothers me
And what religion does Bryant think Obama practices? "That's a good question. I don't know."
He then pulled the blog/satire defense
"You know, blogs are for satire and whatnot and, um, that's why it's up.
Since this was conducted over a phone Pitney was unable to see the flop sweat appearing and the color draining out of the man's face as he realized what he just did and the media attention that's going to be brought on a 'lil 'ole backbencher from Mule Stump. Pitney was able to capture the hemming and hawing as he stammered his way through a halfhearted defense, but microphones were unable to pick up amateur satirist Bryant's inner monologue of "ohshitohshitohshit".

In case you forgot: This election is going to be awesome.

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