Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Your revisionist Bush history

Iraq Ally Lists Were Altered, Study Shows
Before invading Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration mounted a significant diplomatic offensive to rally international support, and officials at the White House, Pentagon and State Department went to great lengths to trumpet those nations that joined what they termed “the coalition of the willing.”

But historians researching those early alliance-building efforts say they are troubled by what seem to be deletions of and alterations to the early official lists of nations that supported the war effort. The lists were posted on the White House Web site.
I know you said history will be the judge of you, but people are going to be getting that history somewhere other than the Bush White House homepage. I don't know George, I think you're going to have to go big with this one, real big. Fudging the dates on whether Tonga, Costa Rica, and Angola did or didn't add their moral support to the Iraq war and the Coalition of the Willing at the beginning isn't going to help you long term.I don't think anyone's going "Well now that I think there were 49 nations in the Coalition and not 45, I know deem this war a worthwhile endeavor that succeeded beyond our wildest dreams."

I think you're gonna need to go for the gusto. Fabricate the war, not just the evidence that gets us into one. Hire Tom Clancy or some other war fetishist, have them crank out a better version of Iraq, with elite secret seal teams (Red Dwarf 9 and the Arcturus Battalion), wild future tech, no sectarian conflict, and minus some of the more egregious civil liberty violations and war criminal behavior. For anyone who doesn't read the litany of other historical accounts of the war, they'll find Tom Clancy's IraqWar a chilling, thrilling roller coaster ride. Maybe bump that approval into the low thirties again.

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