Monday, November 24, 2008

In further news, fuck the Republicans

This is almost too good. Apparently one of the front-runners to fill Hillary Clinton's potentially vacant Senate seat is Christine Quinn, New York City Council Speaker and the second most powerful city politician behind the mayor:
The top contender for Clinton's seat is New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, O'Halloran said. Other names in the mix, O'Halloran said, include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a moderate Republican, as well as Christine Quinn, the first female and openly gay speaker of the New York City Council.
Now, I'm in no way attempting to marginalize Quinn's record on the City Council, which has been stellar since her election in January 2006. So pardon me the schadenfreude as I ponder a blind, black, Democratic Governor of one of the bluest states in the nation replacing "Secretary of State Hillary-fucking-Clinton" with a brilliant, young, gay, liberal female who cut her teeth hammering out legislation mandating equal health care benefits for both married couples and same-sex partnerships.

Seriously, what else can we add to this equation that will further infuriate the right? Can Quinn take her senate oath on a stack of Nation back issues, wrapped in the Drapeau tricolore and standing atop the rubble of a freshly bombed Liberty University? Maybe something involving "Happy Kwanzaa" banners with a special appearance by Paul Krugman and Kanye West? Can Barney Frank be somehow involved?

By the way, that sound you hear is Jerry Falwell turning in his sulfur cave.

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