Wednesday, November 26, 2008

China two-fer

U.S. finds trace of melamine in baby formula
U.S. health officials have found trace amounts of the chemical melamine in one sample of infant formula sold in the United States, a Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

"There's no basis for concern because we're talking about trace levels that are so low ... that there's absolutely no risk," FDA spokeswoman Judy Leon said.
Yippee, skippee. You feed it to your baby then, Judy. Finally, China's cut rate oversight policies and cripplingly inefficient regulatory structure has let tainted baby milk onto our shores. This really puts the favor in "Most Favored Nation" trading status. The Bush Administration, true to form to its last dying incompetent breath, says the contamination isn't a problem and everything's OK because even if it is contaminated, it's not contaminated enough to cause problems. Well, thanks then. Maybe I'm a stickler, but can't we shoot for no contaminated milk?

China calls off EU summit over Dalai Lama row
China has called off a summit with the European Union scheduled for next Monday because of plans for Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, to visit European leaders and institutions, the EU said.

In Paris, a French government spokesman confirmed French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, would go ahead and meet the Dalai Lama in Poland next month despite Beijing's displeasure.
Classic China, get all pissy because people have the gall to meet with the revered spiritual leader (who you tried to kill) of a country to invaded, oppressed, and have tried to beat down and homogenize for decades. Now hold your breath and stamp your feet. Sarkozy counters with a Classic French stance of "Fuck you, we'll do what we want, we're France, you're not." China's also mad because the European Parliament had the gall to award political prisoner Hu Jia with a human rights prize, failing to recognize that China had in fact revoked Jia's human rights. Egg meet face, Euro Parliament. I guess the world is going to have to learn not to point out to China all the stuff China does. Recognizing human rights abuses is so impolite.

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