Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O'Cheap Blogging Crutch 03.17

Catholic Sisters Support Passage of Healthcare Bill
The nuns have weighed in on the health care bill and they find it acceptable. Not only that but they, as is their way, take to scolding those who make "false claims to the contrary" about the abortion provisions of the bill. Who are those who make "false claims to the contrary"? The Catholic Bishops. Don't fuck with the nuns, boys, you'll get a goddamn ruler across the knuckles.

Social Immobility: Climbing The Economic Ladder Is Harder In The U.S. Than In Most European Countries

Dan Froomkin brings to light a study from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development that show s that the capitalist hating, socialist, weak kneed, health care havers in Europe actually foster a society that is more open to generational movement along socioeconomic ladders than the United States of Freedom, despite our full of shit, blowhard claims to the contrary. If you're born poor and want a good shot to make it out of poverty and into the penthouse? Move to Scandinavia. If you're born poor and want to stay poor? Stay here, as a bonus you'll get to hear a lot of hot air about how you can become anything you want while the system conspires against you and tells you you must be lazy or deficient for not beating a rigged game.

Kucinich To Vote Yes On Health Care Reform--Here's Why
Ahh, pity the man with a conscience. Sure Kucinich isn't a fan of the bill and would prefer, ad has worked for, a better health care plan for the people of this country. But unfortunately principled objection puts you on the side of the people screaming about liquefying grandma and doesn't actually improve people's health care. It's a shame he's just not a political nihilist who doesn't care what happens to Americans and is willing to destroy the whole thing in a petty temper tantrum. Then he probably could have gotten what he wanted. You know, like Stupak, Nelson, and Lieberman did. Damn his sense of shame. At the very least he has a very, very hot wife who will console him.

C-Span Puts Full Archives on the Web
Are you like me? A ruggedly handsome, semi-inebriated blogger who sometimes just looks into the sky and scream "Why God? Why can't I find anywhere that has video of a 1990 House Amending Motion to name a Post Office after Audie Murphy?" Well we're in luck, because finally C-SPAN is putting every single shred of video they have online. Get a IV drip and hold open you eyes Clockwork Orange style, because I think we both just found out what we're going to be watching for the next couple of months.

Hawaii Birthers Bill: State May Start Ignoring Requests For Obama Citizenship
How annoying are the Obama birthers who, despite the appearance of Obama's birth certificate and assurances from several Hawaiian officials that the man is a US citizen, still believe he's a sleep agent Muslim from Kenya? Well they driven the Hawaiian legislature to consider a law ignoring all Obama birth certificate requests in the name of saving time, money, and sanity of the people who actually have to respond to these kooks. I think you can see where this is going: the Obama birthers view this move as part of the greater Obama birth conspiracy and redouble their efforts, causing Hawaii more pain. You can't win with these people, Hawaii, you can't win.

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