Thursday, March 25, 2010

Musings on a Party, Tea'd

This picture requires no caption.

Allison Kilkenny has put together a pretty comprehensive collection of post-health care Tea Party lunacy over at True/Slant. We highly recommend, and recommend highly, that you give her work a read.

In light of the whole bricks-through-windows, gas line-slashing, Palin-backed armed insurrection horseshit of the past 48 hours, I just want to make one thing clear, so long as we're talking guns n' government n' such.

If any of these flag-wrapped, gutless cretins who consider racist taunts and death threats a proper response to elected political officials enacting legislation by majority vote did not exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote in 2008, or do not plan to do so again this November, they need to have their participatory Democracy cards revoked. They need to be put on notice from now until the end of recorded time. In point of fact, they should be put up against the wall and shot.

I didn't toss bricks through windows or physically threaten elected officials seven years ago when the Republican party was off waging unjustified and illegal wars that have cost this country close to a trillion dollars, listening to my phone calls, and undermining the public education system. Know what I did? I fucking
voted. In my own small way, I helped dictate the course of a national election, knowing full well that those I helped place in positions of power would enact legislative measures with which I both agreed and disagreed.

That's how it works, you spineless troglodytes. But, by all means, feel free to keep vandalizing property, threatening congressional representatives and inviting criminal investigation. You're doing a hell of a job so far and, not surprisingly,
raising plenty of money for a Republican party that took its sweet-ass time condemning your sophomoric tantrums. The trouble is that you, just like the party for which you inexplicably vote year-in and year-out, absolutely reek of desperation.

In an election year, that scent carries farther than you might think.

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