Monday, March 22, 2010

Quote of the day

John McCain (Shadow President-AZ) is mad as hell. Well he's mad as hell at a lot of things: the price of a Denny's Grand Slam, his wife doing an ad for the gays, getting out crazied in a Senate primary that he might lose, kids these days, the Kaiser, that authoritative butler or washroom attendant with the suit in the oval office who never lets him meet with whoever it is is President, that nurse at the home who is stealing money from him and trying to turn his family against him, and health care.

But what he's mad about today is health care. So he tied an onion to his belt, picked up Mr. Bell's new talking machine and called in to talk on the magic of Mr. Marconi's wireless gramaphone.
Democrats shouldn't expect much cooperation from Republicans the rest of this year, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned Monday.
GOP senators emerged Monday to warn that the health debate had taken a toll on the institution, and warning of little work between parties the rest of this year.

"There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year," McCain said during an interview Monday on an Arizona radio affiliate. "They have poisoned the well in what they've done and how they've done it."
You hear that? How dare the Democrats use the system of representative government in order to pass legislation by means of a majority. The outrage! This is unprecedented! And what, pray tell, are the consequences? Well, the Republicans will no longer be helpful and co-operate with Democrats. My God, how will the nation cope? Why it's almost like McCain is promising that the GOP caucus will act in the manner that it has already been acting in since January 20th of 2009.

They were totally going to be on board with climate change legislation, immigration reform, jobs bills, and financial regulatory reform! Now, because Democrats used tactics that Republicans used too many time to count, the system is declared broken and the GOP is going to abandon their helpful strategies. So cancel the bipartisanship parties, the Republicans are taking their football and going home. Or, alternately, opening the window of their home and waving around a football to remind you that they took it home over a year ago. It's a shame, I though the next few months were going to be a banner time for fake co-operation followed by accusations of treason/betrayal followed by unified opposition that had already been opposed in a unified manner. Ah well, just the last two now, I guess. We'll have to soldier on somehow.

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