Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dirty, dirty, dirty

You know, I really thought we were done knocking George W. Bush. OK, that's a lie. I really thought we were done directly knocking the man on a personal level. Oh sure, we'd savage his policies, the consequences of those policies, and the members of the conservative established who were part of his administration and now won't go away, but we thought we were done with G-Dub himself.

Why? Because he's mostly done with politics, content just to earn money on the truck show and motivational speaker circuit. Plus he made himself part of a genuinely good thing; palling up with Bubba to raise money, awareness, and humanitarian aid for the people of Haiti. Oh sure, you could knock him for supporting the Aristide coup, which looks poor in hindsight. But it's not like that was what made building code regulation non-existent. Then... well, then he went and did this:

Yeah, he did just shake hands with a dirty poor person and then immediately wipe his hand off -- in that demonstratively unsubtle Bush way we all came to know and love -- on Bill Clinton. Clinton seems to have a slight reaction of "Did he just do what I think he just did? Did he just try to wipe a double dose of the black and the poor off of his hands?" Yeah Bill, he did.

George, we've heard you're an obsessive hand-sanitizing germophobe. But the next time... could you wait just a few seconds before you recoil in horror, your body contorts itself into an "Ewwwwww" posture, and you immediately try to cleanse yourself of dirty Haitian on the shirt of the nearest dignitary? Just hold it in, subsume your revulsion towards everything that surrounds you, and at the end of the day have the staffers prepare you a nice, hot bath of Purell.

Otherwise this sort of thing makes you look like... well, George W. Bush. But you ought to be used to that by now.

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