Friday, December 5, 2008

The new Bush shame den

Those who wish to egg our soon to be former President's house will want to take note: he's not hangin' in Crawford anymore, he's movin' on up to the east side Dallas. Apparently now that he's not running for anything, Bush doesn't need the Crawford ranch to project a phony, folksy, rural ranchiness those transplanted Connecticut boys need to during election time. It reportedly was on the market for $2.1 million, but Bush bought it for "considerably more". He also might have bought the house next door as well. No word on if he got a adjustable rate mortgage or just paid straight cash. It is apparently near the site of the humorously conceived Bush Presidential Library, which will house all the redacted documents you aren't allowed to read.

The district is reportedly majorly Republican, so he can extend his sheltered bubble of a life to the post-Presidency, never hearing or seeing people who are incensed by his policies or had their lives tragically destroyed by his ineptitude. So well done there.

There are also screech owls that live on the property.

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