Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stiller Sunday

Battle for the AFC North crown today. We win and we lock it up. Baltimore wins and we make it hard on ourselves. Most of the discussion this week centers around the matchup of the top two defenses in the league. Apparently this bodes well for the Ravens, because according to the pundits BR7, Super Bowl winner and motorbike enthusiast, is more likely to get rattled by Ray Lewis and the All-Star Bitching About Hines Ward Bounty Society then rookie QB Joe "I couldn't beat out Tyler Palko at Pitt" Flacco is against Silverback and the league's best defense. Guh? I don't get it either, but then I'm not as smart as Keyshawn or Shannon Sharpe. If the O doesn't show up, then we just get Chris and Snoop to put Bruce Arians in a vacant, Deshea Townsend can't solve all our problems.

On another note, belated HAW HAW's to Dallas. It was great seeing you get punched in the mouth in person. I've always wondered what Tony Romo choking under the immense pressure of winning in December looked like in person, now I know. As a bonus, most of my extremities have unfrozen by now.

I leave you with what will probably happen once or twice during this game, as it does during every Ravens game: Ravens come in talking about getting Hines Ward, Hines Ward responds by crippling one of them, post-game bitching and cries of "we'll get him next time" ensue. No one ever gets Hines Ward, he's a ninja.

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