Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bushie three-shot

Cheney: Bush will be popular in 30 years.
Good news kids, the sheer genius of the Bush Presidency won't be revealed until we stand waaaay back from it and squint, like some Magic Eye painting that keeps destroying our lives and country. He's "personally persuaded" by this fact, which is great. If you list all the things he's been personally persuaded by over the years it comes across as a list of catastrophe's, wrong predictions, and war crimes. Doesn't look good for W. Though I guess 30 years from now the Bush legacy will look good to the aliens who find the smoldering remains of civilization and can only find literature dating to late 2003. Even then the Iraq war looked sketchy, so maybe not. I don't think there's any hope for Bush.

Cheney Defends Torture: It ‘Would Have Been Unethical Or Immoral’ For Us Not To Torture
Yeah, I don't think Cheney knows what unethical or immoral mean. We've all suspected it. I'd ask someone to point out to him all the false confession and time wasting activities torture based interrogations put us through, or the complete erosion of any moral standing we had, as well as creating the biggest recruiting tool for jihadists they ever wanted, but that would assume he'd listen or doesn't already know all of that. The best part is that he'll never face any trial for what everyone understands to be criminal acts. Round of applause.

Bush: I Didn't Compromise My Soul To Be Popular

C'mon George, when you add up all the things you did compromise in order to earn every point of that record high unfavorability, from the dignity of the Presidency, to the rule of law, to the Constitution, to your morals and ethics, it all adds together into one big soul compromise. You just chose to do it in dribs and drabs instead of one big go. Also note the sheer level of whining he engages in about it's not all his fault and he had to endure all these recessions his policies greased the skids for and wars that he started and that we should give him some sort of credit for his Presidency having to deal with all the problems his Presidency created during his Presidency. He also claims he's not the new Hoover. Which is true, I doubt we'll ever get anything as cool as a kick-ass Dam with the Bush name attached. George if you're going to do all these interviews, can you not sound like such a simpering, whining wretch? Take some shred of dignity with you.

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