Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stiller Sunday

After much bitching about the conclusion of last week's Ravens game and it's "controversial" touchdown call, we finally get to move on to a battle for AFC #1 seed supremacy. Just one thing, if the NFL network has two specific angles with light up graphics and super imposed lines showing the ball crossing the goal line, if NBC has the same, and if NFL Head of Officiating Mike Pereira goes on TV to show frame by frame the ball crossing the goal line, then it isn't exactly a controversial call, Mel Kiper's crybaby whining notwithstanding.

Today yinz Stillers bring their number one, three measly Pro-Bowlers defense into Nashville, home of the fading Titans. This win will all but guarantee home field for the victor and a shameful first round bye and #2 slot for the loser. The Titans are without defensive standouts Albert "You've got a bee on your face, let me step on it for you" Haynesworth and Kyle Vandenbosch. Fat Albert is who some people are trying to pretend has played better than James Harrison for the DPOY this year. On average when Haynesworth is out the Titans D surrenders 10 more points, 40 more rushing yards, and loses most of their games. One other storyline to watch: will referees ever call holding on an offensive line that faces the Steelers D? If you've been counting, we're at six games without opposing offenses racking up so much as a holding penalty.

None of this matters though, we all know what's happening: Steelers O looks like shit for three quarters, then turns it on for the fourth quarter, looks like the greatest offense ever concieved and scores the necessary amount of points to win the game. Really, you only need to watch the last 3 minutes.

EDIT: 31-14 Titans. Opposite happened: good in the first half, shit in the second. Shoot everyone on the offensive line in the head.

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