Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cheap Blogging Crutch 12.17

McCain campaign sells surplus Blackberries with ‘hundreds of emails,’ phone numbers still on them.
Mac's fire sale went off without a hitch. He pocketed at least 20 or thirty bucks off of the whole thing and is able to pay Steve Schmidt all the money he owed Stevesie for his trenchant political insight. Did I say without a hitch? I meant "by McCain standards". Turns out if you bought one of the Macberries you ended up with all the e-mail addresses and e-mails of whoever's phone it was. So if you want to read the stunning political back and forth between McCain insiders, go buy one. Who wants to miss out on gems like "Palin: WTF?", "Mac wants to know who this bitch is", "Re: 'How badly will we lose next week' pool", and "Fuck it, it's Ayers time!"? Grab yourself a piece of history misery.

Black hole confirmed in Milky Way

It's official fellow scienticians, there's a giant swirling death vortex at the center of the universe. It's 27,000 light years away and four million times the size of our sun. They don't want to tell you, but it'll probably suck us into nothingness within a billion years or so. That is if we don't create our own swirling death vortex at CERN next year. Maybe we'll get sucked into the black hole at the exact time our sun goes supernova. For our talking ape ancestors in the future, that would be a hell of a way to go out. We're just going to heat stroke as we drown in our muggy Waterworld.

Bush's Interior Department Interfered With Scientific Work To Limit Endangered Species Protections
What if I told you that for five years a Bush appointee in the Interior did "pervasive harm to the department's morale and integrity and may have risked the well-being of species with her agenda"? Would you be shocked by that or shocked by the fact that there was only one person doing it? Sorry nature, you need to take another one for the Bush team. Try not to take it too personal. That's one of the benefits of electing Obama: we have someone who believes in science and provable facts again.

Cheney: Obama Will "Appreciate" Our Expansion Of Power
In what was surely the most frightening story of the week, our cretinous VP slithered out from under a rock and opined that Obama really was really going to appreciate all the unchecked power and ability to break laws and face zero repercussions the Bush Administration empowered the Presidency with. The interview ended when Scattergun Dick's God complex grew so big that it smothered the reporter. Cheney also noted that he was happy to fade back into the ether and looked forward to his post VP career of killing the gophers and rabbits that are eating his prize garden. The man always needs an enemy to fight.

Protests rise over alleged beating of 'shoe man' Muntadhar al-Zeidi
Funny thing about that shoe throwing guy.....he's subject to Iraqi law and Iraqi law is....let's just say it's massively fucked up. He has allegedly been beaten so badly in custody that police were unable to produce him in court and no one would be able to see him for a further eight days. As of now if he is charged with insulting a visiting head of state he could do two years in prison, but they could charge him with attempted murder and give him 15. Attempted murder, with a shoe. Look upon our works, ye Mighty, and despair. This is what we spent hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of live for: a state where they can charge a guy who is a bit pissed over the millions of displaced citizens, thousands upon thousands of civilian casualties, the destruction of infrastructure with attempted murder for tossing a loafer at the nitwit whose bright idea it was to invade with no real plan beyond that. Sock and awe.

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