Tuesday, December 16, 2008

American monarchy: on schedule

Caroline Kennedy: Clinton Senate Replacement?
After a week of coy courtship and low-key feelers, Kennedy began working the phones in earnest Monday -- and signed up major Democratic fixer Josh Isay, who has deep connections to New York powerhouses Sen. Charles Schumer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Rev. Al Sharpton...
Kennedy Reaches Out To Clinton Directly
Caroline Kennedy has called Hillary Clinton to discuss her interest in the New York Senator's seat, a source close to Clinton tells the Huffington Post.
Nevertheless, Kennedy's outreach to Clinton, who is leaving her seat to become Secretary of State, is another chapter in what is quickly becoming a fairly comprehensive public and private campaign for the Senate post.
We've dodged a bullet people. Someone who might have been not a Kennedy or perhaps not even famous or related to someone famous isn't going to become Senator of New York. Everyone loves a dynasty, especially when it involves no political career, never running for anything, and swooping in on a vacated seat based on the premise of "She's one of the non drugged out and drunk ones....right? I'm cool with that. What's she for again? It doesn't matter I guess. Kennedy is all I need to know."

Sigh of relief time people. The Bush dynasty might be dead, but the Kennedy's are back in it! Now we can focus on the important business: what Kennedy will replace Ted Kennedy? Can we make an allowance for Ben Affleck? CAMELOT!

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