Friday, December 5, 2008

Bush is laughing quite hard at this moment

So the Democrats are really serious about this auto bailout. Not serious enough to actually bring it up for a vote or strong arm their majority of members into voting for it. See they've sent George Bush a strongly worded letter. And they used the phrase "or else."
Democrats sent a clear message to the White House tonight - make some of the $700 financial industry bailout money available to the domestic auto industry or else. And they want an answer by Friday.
The White House and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have rejected the notion of using money from the so-called TARP - a $700 billion package passed by Congress in October to stabilize the financial industry.

But in a letter Thursday night, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate told President Bush he must commit funds from either the TARP or the federal reserve or they will be unable to pass anything in Congress.
I'm sure Bush wet himself at that tersely worded "or else." I'm sure he'll get right on it. I mean he's been so on the ball for the rest of this financial horrorshow that I'm sure he's going to call up Paulson and tell him to stop stuffing dollar bills into the g-strings of bankers and start stuffing them in Detroit's frilly panties.

Hey Democrats, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Bush is running out the clock and shirking duty at a furious pace. He's moved from fiddling (or banjo pickin') while Rome burns, to tossing gas around and setting up a grill to cook endangered species on. Have you ever tasted spotted owl smoked to perfection on the smoldering remnants of our economy? He's not going to do anything and he's not going to make Hank give out billions to those dirty laborers. In case you haven't learned anything over the past few years let me spell it out: Democrats have to be the adults here. You're going to have to be the ones to do something. So do something. Maybe get that Muslim guy to start cracking the whip.

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