Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheap Blogging Crutch 12.12

Tom Daschle To Also Oversee New White House Office Of Health Reform
All your healthcare jobs are belong to Tom Daschle. Apparently running the Department of Health and human Service isn't too labor intensive, because Tom also gets to run the newly invented White House Office of Health Reform. Try getting a job in this new economy, I'll bet you find Daschle swoops in and gets it before you do. This is yet another sign that not only does Obama want to get health care reformed, he's really focusing on the nuts and bolts of getting it passed. Using Tom Daschle either has you excited because he knows how the sausages are made and has remade himself into a health policy expert, or you hate it because he's an old time Washinton whore.

If you want to be reminded about how almost the entirety of the War on Drugs is useless garbage and large scale fraud, go see the fruits of the labor of Barry Cooper and KopBusters and their trip to Odessa. Long story short they proved the cops were illegally using thermal imaging, making false reports and paying informants to lie. And all it took was Christmas trees under grow lamps and 24 hours. It also throws into question many of the drug convictions Odessa has, including one involving Yolanda Madden, who is in jail despite an informant stating under oath that he was payed by police to plant drugs on her.

In racially exclusive neighborhood, residents worried Bush will make it a 'target'

If I told you that Bush's new neighborhood had a neighborhood association covenant didn't allow black people to live there until 2000 (exceptions were made for servants) would you be surprised? In addition to the lack of blacks, he gets to chill with residents Ross Perot and Mark Cuban. The Cuban thing might be a little awkward, what with all those Bush appointees investigating him for insider trading.

Vitter leads Senate fight
Interesting that the Republicans decided to make David Vitter one of their TV spokesmen and pointmen on blocking the auto bailout. Remember him? He was named by two separate DC madam's as frequenting the services of prostitutes, often placing calls for hookers during House roll call votes. Most noted in that revelation was that he liked it when the hookers made him wear diapers. Now's he on TV everywhere making the case against the bailout and saying things like "ass-backward". That's how shallow the GOP bench is, known hooker paying diaper fetishists are the people you have to wheel out as spokesman.

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