Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The post-election time is the right time...for love

So we all wonder how Obama is going to be able to work with Republicans the next two years. They've responded to Democratic control the last two years by filibustering everything, essentially making 60 the new 51. So what are they going to do when it's all Dems all the time? Mr. Barry already has seen this problem coming up and he decided to dim the lights, blast some Barry White, get out the sensual massage oils, and start rubbing down House and Senate Republicans.
President-elect Obama is waging a charm offensive on congressional Republicans. In recent days he has personally called at least a dozen ranking GOP members of committees he will need to work with next year.

The highly personal, hands-on approach marks a change for Obama, who has been described as self-contained and aloof and who, on the campaign trail, often seemed more comfortable speaking to large rallies than in intimate settings.
Obama has also called GOP leaders in the Senate and House. He caught Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) on his cell phone while he shopped at a Kroger grocery store in Louisville.
"Mitch, it's Barry. Grocery shopping in Kentucky? You buying bourbon, Wonder Bread, and mayonnaise? Just kidding, can't wait to work with you. Toodles." Who knows if this will have any real effect, the definition of bipartisanship has been "doing what Republicans want" the past 8 years. All this might do is start them off bitching about how Obama promised to work with them and now all he's doing is offering up crazy liberal ideas about not bailing out billionaires. But let it be known: he's out there at least attempting to kiss the appropriate asses. Maybe it'll result in the GOP only setting a filibuster record over two years and not one year in this session.

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