Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cheney waterboards irony

Former chiefs of staff meet with Emanuel
Most of the still-living former White House chiefs of staff had already offered their two cents to Rahm Emanuel at a breakfast earlier this month when it came time for perhaps the most serious man in a room of serious men to speak.

“The most important thing,” Dick Cheney told Emanuel with a sober stare, “is that you have to control your vice-president.”

With that, said a source in the room, the 11 other chiefs of staff and the one next in line for the job let out loud laughs.
Not clear is if Cheney was joking, appeared in a spectral form in chains telling Rahm to learn from his mistakes and that three ghosts would be visiting soon, or if he was near death on the entry ramp of a spaceship, wheezing his last breaths out of the mechanical suit that kept him alive for decades. "Tell Joe Biden he was right. Tell him......he was right."

Cheney had other words for Rahm, like "If you ever try to look into any of my actions or read any of my files, one of your children will disappear." then contemplated what different dead animals he was going to stick in Rahm's mailbox over the coming weeks. Dick then made arrangements for the shipping of his man sized safe and left.

One of the better things about this article, other then reminding us that, with Cheney and Rumsfeld as his Chief's of Staff, Ford doesn't get enough credit for unleashing monsters on this country, was the descriptor the article used for current W Chief, Josh Bolten: "Bolten, who is Jewish and a motorcycle aficionado,...". Well done, Politico.

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