Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday News Hole -- 12.13.08

This post is mine! MINE!
Inexplicably, disgraced Illinois Governor Rod "Mr. Blagoo" Blagojevich (whose name I can finally spell without checking) refuses to step down despite being 76-page-fucked by a federal investigation finding he runs his office about as honorably as a Burmese junta. Instead of renouncing his office, Blagoo is hanging out with ministers and signing bills into law. His office even issued a standard signing statement after Blagoo put pen to paper, which I have to admit is a hilariously ballsy thing to do.

Roll it around, Pennsylvania
Many of our readers are PA natives and no shortage of you still live there. Thus, as Digby notes, you might have to consider voting Republican in 2010 if Arlen Specter's opponent ends up being Chris "Tweety" Matthews. Now, I'm not endorsing Specter and there are several issues -- US Attorney appointments, capital punishment, gun control -- where I think he's just plain wrong. But you've got time to get comfortable with the idea of voting for a semi-crook in order to keep out an idiot. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Get 'em while they're vulnerable
American Evangelical churces are harnessing the spirit of economic ruin to do the good Christian thing: fill the collection plate. Congregations across the country have begun tailoring sermons to address the theological meaning of the downturn. Also interesting: Jehova's Witnesses, after deciding a decade ago to only ring doorbells at night, have begun knocking on doors during the daylight hours because, survey says, unemployed people don't commute.

Yeah, but those Bubba blowjob jokes never get old
Ned Resnikoff at NYULocal posted an amusing dissection of Ann Coulter's speech at NYU earlier this week. Deriding Coulter as a harpy and a hack isn't the world's most difficult task, of course, but Resnikoff makes the argument that, by inviting her to speak, NYU College Republicans (all four of them), provided a "metaphor for what you see happening to the Republican Party on the national level: the moderate voices of reason are getting ignored or marginalized, while the true believers burrow further into the warm, velvety soft cocoon of their own assholes."

I dub thee "Hippie"
That batshit crazy prince of progressivism, David Sirota, is at it again. This time, the loony leftist actually has the nerve, The Nerve, to suggest that 2005 credit industry-written legislation might be partially responsible for the economic downturn. Next thing you know, he'll be claiming that the government's trillion-dollar intervention should have been subject to actual oversight or some crazy shit like that.

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