Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bishop-to-Pawn(s) Ridiculous3

CJ Werleman takes Catholic Bishop Anthony Fisher -- he of "Nazism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ery, mass murder, abortion and broken relationships" can be attributed to atheism fame -- to task for his blatant misrepresentation of history during this year's Good Friday sermon.
Oh brother, how your crucifix wearing kind love to scare folk into believing atheism gave us Hitler and Stalin. It’s a tired argument, and one that has been proven historically flawed a million times over. So, I will keep this brief. Firstly, Hitler was raised a Roman Catholic and never renounced his faith. He forced his ideology of Nazism onto the German population. The Holocaust was just a continuation of what Christians have done to the Jews throughout Europe for the previous 1,500 years, in which Jewish populations were blamed for every societal ill from small pox to famines. In regards to Stalin, he was educated in a seminary and used all the levers of religious belief to cultivate his cult of personality – as all those in the dictator business do.
Werleman also chastises Fisher for completely ignoring religion's role in 20th century bloodletting, as well as regurgitating the fundamentally flawed argument that a better life without God is impossible. The full bollocking is available here at the Rationalists Blog.

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