Friday, April 9, 2010

Quote of the day

When last we left the state of Louisiana and it's 2010 Senate race it was expected that they would re-elect David "the Bayou Whoremaster" Vitter to the Senate despite that whole thing where he was deeply involved in paying hookers for sex and wearing diapers.... sexual diapers. Because whore-banging is a Conservative Christian value. But there was also a point in time where it seemed Vitter would be challenged... by porn star Stormy Daniels. Then there were a bunch of allegations of spousal abuse and a car bombing and she seemingly dropped out.

But know with tales of abusing her husband and maybe paying some dude to tie some C4 to her political consultant's car now firmly in the past, it looks like Daniels is back to challenge Vitter in the GOP primary, splitting the crucial swing votes of "people who like hypocrites who drill prostitutes" and "people who like porn-stars with an affinity for hand to hand combat and explosives". The Louisiana GOP is spitting (not swallowing) mad and lashing out at her and what must assuredly be the Democratic conspiracy behind it. Louisiana Democrats saw the ball lovingly lined up on top of it's tee and decided to take a good hard swing at it.
Kevin Franck, spokesman for the Louisiana Democratic Party, said neither the party nor the Melancon campaign recruited Daniels.

"If the Louisiana Republican Party is uncomfortable with a Republican challenger who has a history of selling sex, I would suggest they reconsider standing by an incumbent with a history of paying for it," Franck said in an e-mailed statement.
Gentlemen, I do believe that is game, set, and match.

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