Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quote of the day

We're all enthralled by the possibility that a porn star might do battle with a serial hypocrite and bayou whoremaster for the Louisiana Senate seat that didn't get washed away by Hurricane Katrina. Oh sure we can giggle and snicker over the S-E-X parts, but where's the real political analysis of Stormy Daniels' chances against David Vitter? Why aren't we asking other porn stars what they think about her running?

Thankfully Politico stepped to the forefront to tackle that pressing question. While there are several generic supportive comments and a seeming threat from the porn Palin that she was going to run against the real Palin, the best political comments came from where they always come from: the gay porn industry.
Adult film star Owen Hawk sees a comparison between Daniels and Rep. John Boehner. "It's ironic that the people of Louisiana might elect a porn star to be their senator only to find her the second-most sprayed-tanned GOP representative."

"I think she'll make a great Republican,” said Hawk. “She's narcissistic and morally suspect."
Nicely snarked. You know, I think I'll Google his name and see if he's made any other political commentary. Just let me type it in, hit enter, and... yeah.... that's a lot of penises... not really up my ally... no discernible political content to this... is that Jeff Gannon... I think perhaps I should have added a "+politics" modifier to my search.

Anyway, I would call this article a roaring success. In the future I would recommend that all Politico articles have at least one quote from a gay porn star or political porn parody veteran. I mean Christ, they've got to have more sense or a better predictive track record than a guy like Bill Kristol. Plus they've probably prostituted themselves less as well.

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