Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Serial liar and toad-like goon Dick Morris had a busy morning on Fox News warning American about it's imminent death. And not the symbolic "death of freedom and liberty" type stuff either. Real death. Two separate predictions. That's a pretty good streak. Most completely unreliable liars can only get off one completely misinformed proclamation of imminent doom during an appearance.

Let's get to his first. You may have thought that health care was only going to gank your grandparents and yoke you to a system where tribunals decided whether or not you were fit to live or die based on a loyalty oath you'll take to the disembodied spirit of Vladimir Lenin. Nope, it' only the end of medicine... that is unless you vote for the GOP.
"If we are unable to defeat Obama in 2010... there will be permanent harms in the country and one of the big ones is a nation without doctors."
Clearly. That's the step after "cover everyone", "2. eliminate all doctors". It all makes so much sense now that's it's put in such clear terms. Uninsured insured -> elimination of practiced medicine.

Now tell us how we're all going to die a biological death from a snickering Kim Jong-Il because the President hates the country.
It's the most outrageous thing, I think, I've ever heard a president of the United States say. He's literally saying that if an American city were gassed or hit with a biological weapon and millions were dying in the streets coughing their lungs out, or in hospital wards dying of an incurable disease, we would not use nuclear weapons to reply? It is totally absurd. It's beyond belief that a president of the United States would say that and it shows that Barack Obama might be, might be the first anti-American president we've ever had.
He isn't literally saying that. Not in the slightest. If only there were a nightly comedy news show that tackled this.

But Dick can't be expected to do things like read treaties or watch comedy programming. So I pass on his warnings to you: elect Republicans or medical knowledge will vanish from the earth just like it did in every other country with socialismed medicine... which won't matter much anyway because we'll all be dead of nuclear anthrax because the President is anti-American. Clear? Ok.

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