Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do it!

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs start to tonight and as a Pittsburgher I'm glad it gives me a chance to enjoy sports without the words "Pirates", "baseball", "sexual assault", "semen", "2-4 game suspension", or "Rapistberger" tainting my enjoyment. Will the Penguins repeat? I hope so, but I'm willing to settle for them taking a large chunk of local media coverage away from our QB's legal and sexual misadventures. Alleged.

So the playoffs kick off tonight on FSN locally and Versus nationally. As if we needed to be reminded, Canada does this playoff hockey coverage thing waaaay waaaaay better than we do. It's a shame we can't get the CBC or TSN down here. To reinforce their superior coverage I'm posting my two favorite pre-game intro montages from last season's cup run. The first is from Game 7 in the Washington series and the second is from game 6 in the Detroit series. Hopefully we'll get another chance to knock both those teams out again on the way to cup #4 and sending the old barn out in style.

Pens in 3.

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