Monday, April 12, 2010

Quote of the day

ESPN Radio host, podcaster, and Pittsburgh sports aficionado Dave Dameshek on the decision to trade WR Santonio Holmes to the Jets for a roll of used tape and a tackling dummy Joe Namath nailed Angie Dickinson on.
Santonio for a 5th-rd pick? I'm gonna go puke in the bathroom. I hope Roethlisberger doesn't try to rape me while I'm in there.
Uh, he would only allegedly try to rape you. Eventually charges would be dropped and a DA will decline to prosecute. Then all throughout the press conference announcing announcing this fact he would declare that while he probably did rape you, that they didn't have the evidence to prosecute and that Ben was definitely one lucky son of a bitch. Try to keep up.

However, James Harrison would beat the shit out of you. Just because.

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