Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video of the day

Are you afraid of the UN's black helicopters, government microchip implants, spy satellites that read your thoughts, CIA satellites that cause earthquakes, lizard replicants with plots to overthrow human society, ghosts, TV's and microwaves emitting thought control waves, and alien related cattle mutilations/rectal probing? Well then you would of course want these issues dressed by state of local government, right? Well then, Georgia is the state for you. On the microchip implantation thing. All the others are still valid fears.

That's right, the Georgia Senate has passed a law banning microchip implementation without consent based on the testimony of a crazy person. Seriously. The two state legislators who sponsored the legislation were named Chip. Seriously.

It made it onto a news broadcast and everything.

We at These Bastards would just like to commend Georgia for being so pro-active in addressing this threat. Now could you bother to release proper guidelines on tinfoil hat construction? I have all kinds of thought that the NSA is mind-reading... as we speak! They could be in possession of numerous Joe Biden satire pieces that I haven't even fully written yet. They could be cornering the market on childish, swear ridden, low readership blogs! I need those hat guidelines! Get on it!

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