Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please tell me you haven't seen this yet

The Insane Clown Posse have made a new video. I know what you're saying: "That wouldn't interest me even if this was 1996 and I was suffering from a head injury". I know, this was my reaction as well. But that was only until I learned that they had become God rappers and released the most flawless form of unintentional comedy ever conceived. Watch it and I think you'll agree that they have created a perfect thing.

It's called "Miracles."

Now that you've seen it I think you understand why I posted it. It's like looking into the face of God.

Let us discuss why this is so great. Let's start with the title. "Miracles" doesn't seem to accurately describe the concept of the song so much as does the phrase "Basic concepts with which ICP are completely baffled and angered by." But let's look at the things they do consider miracles:
  • giraffes
  • that time a pelican tried to eat the Kevin James looking clown's cell phone
  • fuckin' magnets and how they work
  • dirt
  • the fact that their children look like them, which might be an actual miracle given the kind of sleeping around this implies they feel their wives/girlfriends do
  • fuckin' shootin' stars
  • crows
  • ghosts
  • fuckin' rainbows
  • magic all up in this bitch
  • the Pyramids, which is something they only believed in as kids
  • childbirth... ok I'll agree that shit'll shock ya eyelids
  • music, which is also a form of magic
Now let us discuss why this video is such a comedy miracle:
  • the fact that they point up when they say "dirt"
  • the clown appearing in between the legs of a woman giving birth
  • the fact that a video espousing all things natural and real was filmed entirely on greenscreen and used CG
  • the look the one clown give after he informs us that music is just in there in the air and we can't even hold it

    it's like he thinks he dropped the most profound piece of information ever
  • the fact that scientists make them angry by trying to explain fuckin' magnets and shit
  • the dance the small one does when they relay the pelican story
  • this story that tells you why there's so much goddamn butterfly imagery
Hell forget it, there's too much to love.

If they can drop another video like this I might even go to the next Gathering Of The Juggalos... un-ironically. Maybe I'll even hit up the Kickspit Underground Rock Festival as well. RIP Ass Dan.

Ahhh... wait... these people are millionaires. I think I just died a little inside. Wait... that's a miracle. Oh shit, it came around full circle up in this bitch

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