Friday, April 16, 2010

Barry is perplexed

It's so sad when you see the President get his hopes up and thinks someone on the other side of the political divide might congratulate him for something or pay attention to the facts of a situation. He seems genuinely confused. "They wanted A, I gave them A, now they're complaining I did the opposite of A. Guh?"

It must be a horrid nightmare of opposites he lives in. He gets health reform legislation through making sure to explicitly use the private insurance system as the provider and people knock him for a government takeover. He advances a nuclear treaty that started under Reagan and gets knocked for practically inviting nukes to be dropped on us and betraying Reagan. So imagine his surprise when he thought that people clamoring for lower taxes would notice all the lower taxes.
OBAMA: We cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans just like I promised we would on the campaign. […] So I’ve been a little amused over the last couple days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying, “Thank you!” That’s what you’d think!
There's your first problem: ascribing thought to the Tea Party movement. Sure taxes are at their lowest levels in 60 years, but 2/3'rds of those damn teabaggers think taxes went up. On the other hand, that poll yesterday showed the teabaggers are richer, more conservative, and whiter than America, so maybe they're in that 5% that didn't get a tax cut. Which syncs up with polling that shows teabaggers are only 4% of the country. Maybe that other 1% is just too rich to care.

So chin up, Barry. I mean if they haven't come around on the fact that you're not a Kenyan or that you can't be both the radical black progeny of a radical black preacher and a Muslim, they aren't going to get it on taxes either. Try to start them off slowly, maybe get them to learn the definition of socialism and then have Rahm work up some easy to read graphs showing the tax rate. I'm sure they'll come around.

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