Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't use the M-word

Ahh, consider the fate of America's crotchety old grampa, John McCain. Once the standard bearer of his party's shitty standard he is now forced to duke it out in a GOP primary against a man who might be more retarded than the woman he picked to be his VP running mate. Which is saying something.

So now as he's forced to duke it out in a primary with a man who believes Obama is a Kenyan, the man/horse marriage is a grave threat, and was driven from office because of his ties to Jack Abramoff. And he's in danger of losing to him. So Grampa Walnuts is doing the kind of thing that only a man of his incredible integrity and dignity can do: tack as hard to the right as possible and virulently disavow the brand you've spent the past decade annoyingly cultivating. RIP Maverick.
John McCain — who built his political persona and his 2008 presidential campaign around the claim that he’s a “maverick” — told Newsweek recently: “I never considered myself a maverick.”

When POLITICO asked McCain about the contradiction at the Capitol this week, the Arizona Republican grew visibly irritated and snapped: “I’ve been called a thousand things. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

He said 48 percent of the homeowners in his state are underwater on their mortgages. He said he’s always “done what’s best for my state and the nation.” Then he said it again, adding, “People can consider me whatever they want.”

And then he darted into the Senate chamber without explaining himself further.
That principle: getting elected by any means necessary while getting as much TV and media face time as can possibly be stained for himself and basking in the media adoration of being called a maverick. Which you aren't allowed to call him anymore.

Furthermore, he's not sure why anyone would even use that term to refer to him. I mean it's as if you go and spend the better part of several years, including a Presidential campaign, calling yourself that, calling your running mate that, noting how you're a team of that forbidden word, and constantly referring to yourself with that word so much that it became a running joke... well it's almost like people will keep using that word to describe you. The outrage! Don't they know he's not a maverick and has never heard the word before? He's a dyed in the wool Republican who would never shun the party for his own shallow political goals.

We'd just like to salute Senator McCain for hitting that final low point. We thought it came when he tarnished his entire reputation as a man of integrity an honor by running a third rate, gutter dwelling, half-witted campaign. No, it was when, in an attempt to beat a blithering idiot in a primary, he renounced the word and principles he practically tried to get people to use instead of his name.

Maybe there's a lower point, like running with Sarah Palin again or attempting to get votes by barking like a dog or being part of a County Fair dunktank in full clown make-up, but I don't see that happening. Unless JD Hayworth really looks like he's going to win. Then McCain might try to call himself the Original Hayworth and claim he has proof of Obama's Kenyan heritage. It's a complex process being the Man With The Most Integrity In Washington. The pressure is apparently getting to him. Let's hope he goes crazy in a more entertaining way than this.

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