Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shadow government

Jeb Bush: GOP Should Set Up "Shadow Government"
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush tells Newsmax that the GOP must broaden its appeal to avoid becoming "the old white-guy party," and recommends that Republicans create a "shadow government" to engage Democrats on important issues as the incoming Obama administration seeks to enact its agenda.

In a wide-ranging interview with Newsmax, the popular former governor and younger brother of President George W. Bush said the 2008 election was neither "transformational" nor a landslide. For example, he noted that Barack Obama's significant fundraising advantage over John McCain played a key role in Democratic success this year.
The party should establish a loyal opposition and "organize ourselves in the form of a shadow government" that would address key issues, providing the public with "a loftier debate about policy" rather than mere partisanship.
First off, Newsmax? Was the guy handing out Xeroxed pamphlets about Ruby Ridge and the international banking conspiracy busy? Now I know you've probably spent the last couple of years drinking heavily in seedy bars, head down at a table, drinking cheap whisky, your uncontrollable weeping interrupted only by an anguished cry of "Why'd he have to run before I got a chance?" So you probably didn't get the memo that people aren't in favor of Republican government...period, let alone a "shadow government". I'm betting that they aren't interested in a bunch of bitter Southerners holding the government hostage while they send out terse faxes from their shadow government about the capital gains tax and knocking some tents over in Tunisia.

Lofty debates? I don't think you have the capacity anymore. The Republican party for the past couple decades has degenerated into cheap stunts, wedge issues and grunting. "You hate troops. Me hit you with club." is as lofty as it got. Thank your bro for that. Also, thanks for dusting off the old canards about "center right nation", "not a transformational election", and "not a landslide". You forgot "no mandate" and "c'mon America, a black guy!?". Keep telling yourself that people really want Republican governance despite their overwhelming support for Democratic governance now. But hey, who am I to stop you from all the vaguely treasonous shadow government foot shooting. Jeb, maybe you can run it and shadow drown shadow New Orleans or shadow invade shadow Iraq. Whatever helps you cope with the fact that you're smarter than George and he just destroyed your Presidential hopes.

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