Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gore goes after "clean" coal

Next time you hear someone pontificating on the notion of clean coal, know that they are talking fanciful shit on par with moon bases and flying cars. It does not exist and would take an investment of tens of billions of dollars to even start trying to make it feasible. At best, even if all the laws, regulations, and funding that haven't been passed are passed, it's something that will happen by 2030 at the earliest. That doesn't even take into account that it'll take massive amounts of energy to clean the coal, raise prices, and it all relies on putting CO2 underground and hoping it doesn't fuck anything up down there or leak out and negate all that cleanness. Not to mention the environmental problems mining coal presents.

Thankfully Al Gore and his band of tree hugging do-gooders are trying to spread that message with the Reality Coalition. Hopefully to attempt to combat the coal industry, their ads, and politicians from coal states (like our new President, who incessantly references clean coal) who want to build more coal plants under the auspices of "clean coal is coming". It isn't. Good, now start making ads about the BS industry that is corn ethanol.

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