Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blackwater on the high seas

I bet through all this pirate brouhaha, after you yelled out "Yarrrrr matey", made a few Johnny Depp references, and cracked a parrot joke, you were thinking one thing: how's Blackwater going to make a fast buck off of this? Oh don't you worry about that, little dog, they've got it all figured out. The world's foremost extralegal, for hire, mercenary army knows how to protect you from pirates.
Private security firm Blackwater Worldwide began holding meetings in London on Tuesday with potential clients for a new business venture -- protection from pirates.

The Moyock, N.C., firm, which has grown rapidly through State Department security work in Iraq, has been courting shippers and insurance firms about protecting ships in pirate-infested waters. It's meeting with more than a dozen firms this week and hopes to drum up its first contract.
Blackwater already has a ship it says could be deployed abroad to scare off or even challenge pirates: the 183-foot McArthur, which the company bought in 2006. It can carry two helicopters as well as rigid-hull inflatable boats favored by naval commandoes, and 30 guards in addition to a crew of 15. Blackwater's database of contractors includes former Navy SEALs and Coast Guard personnel.
I thought Blackwater wouldn't have attacked the pirates out of some sense of professional courtesy, but there are markets to corner. I am sure that this is exactly what the situation needs: a high seas merc army of ex-SEALS with no regard for any laws, only their clients, taking the fight to any pontoon or bystander they deem to be threatening. Oh, and then there's all those pirates. But hey, you've got to expand that business model, it can't all be State Department contracts in Iraq, hell the Iraqis are stripping your immunity from local law next year. Why not the high seas?

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