Monday, April 5, 2010

Video of the day

As all you baseball fans know, today is opening day. As a Pirates fan all this means for me is an 18th straight year of pain, losing, and cheap fuck owners. Pain of the kind which is outlined by dirty son of a bitch Will Leitch in his needlessly cruel Pirates season preview for Deadspin. One can only hope that his beloved Cardinals are soon met with the revelation that Albert Pujols is juicing it hardcore at nearly Mark McGwire levels; a revelation we all know is coming.

So in celebration of a new season that I will stop caring about some where midway through the first 20 game losing streak of the season in March, I present this video of a great highlight in Pirates history: that time Dock Ellis threw a no hitter while tripping balls on LSD.

The sad part is that the fact that this video recounting this 1970 event was made in late 2009 means that this video is officially one of the brightest spots and most significant things to have happened to the Pirates since Barry Bonds couldn't throw out Sid Fucking Bream. Mull on that Buccos fans.

Zach Duke takes the mound against the Dodgers at 1:35.

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