Thursday, April 8, 2010

I fear for the well-being of Chris Matthews

"The Silent Echo Chamber", part of Harry Shearer's ongoing "Nontalking Heads" video project, is a multi-screen video installation showcasing media celebrities as they pass those dead moments before taping the next segment. From this rare footage of the subjects in their natural habitats, we can glean several important pieces of information:
  • Brian Williams paws at his Blackberry like a 13 year-old in an obvious effort to avoid making eye contact with Tom Brokaw, much less discussing what they saw in that Thai nightclub in 2004. (0:01)
  • Keith Olbermann is always either reading or scratching at imaginary bugs crawling up his neck. (0:25)
  • Charlie Gibson apparently just told George Stephanopoulos that it's straight to bed without dinner. (0:50)
  • Chris Matthews can't stop thinking about that dead prostitute in his trunk. (1:05)

Seriously, if nothing else, watch the footage of Matthews at 1:05. That man has some weight on his soul.

The installation is on display through June 6 at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center. Maybe some of the GOP heavy-hitters can swing by during their $700-per-ticket money-grab Southern Republican Leadership Conference, which begins tonight.

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