Monday, April 5, 2010

An American show for Americans (i.e.: not you)

Sarah Palin's new FOX News show debuted over the weekend, but I'm sure I didn't have to tell you that. What was billed as a show where Alaska's former half-term governor would explore the stories and people that make America great, turned out just to be a Palin intro'd clearing house for hoary old special interest stories that had been gathering dust in the FOX vaults for years. Hey, anything for Sarah to make a couple million and for FOX to properly ingratiate itself and gain access to the next President/God-Queen.

The show was meant however, to “reaffirm our pioneering spirit and unmatched generosity, here and around the world” or some such bullshit. Just not the pioneering spirit of the liberal dipshits populating the portions of the country we call "where most of the people live".
“It’s not the kind of thing that’s going to excite you guys on the East Coast, but everyone else is dying to hear stories like these,” said one of her representatives who was not authorized to speak on the record but was authorized to slam the East Coast.
Turns out maybe she shouldn't have dismissed an entire sector of the country, particularly one where hundreds of millions of people live. She could have used the viewers, as her show debuted to middling/disappointing ratings.

Shame about that. I just want to congratulate Sarah for her new show and for how a show purporting to show "real American values" seems to cake itself in the value Sarah and her ilk seem to cherish most: telling the coasts and the vast majority of the country that they aren't real people living in real areas of the country and don't hold real American values.

And isn't that the most important American value? I'm asking that hypothetically. If you're reading this site you're probably on a coast and thus wouldn't know what a real American value is if it winked at you and wanted you to vote for it in two years. You're going to have to ask someone from Boise if you're really interested in knowing. But you probably aren't going to, which is why you're un-American. See, Sarah was right.

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