Monday, February 23, 2009

He says there is a storm coming

Above: The L Train's new conductor

As of tomorrow morning, New York City's L Train, which runs from Rockaway in East Brooklyn to Chelsea in West Pompous Fuckery, will be fully controlled by computers. Sure, there will still be motormen on board the train to "take over if problems arise." You know these motormen. Think of them as the biker bar clientele at the beginning of Terminator 2, but less-educated and unionized.

On the bright side, the L Train is the primary means of access for Williamsburg residents seeking to enter Manhattan. So when the train intentionally crashes itself to signify the beginning of the revolution, I doubt many will notice, apart from the stench of charred fashion stubble and smoldering Converse rubber flowing out of the 1st Ave. stop.
Regardless, the end is extremely fucking nigh.

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