Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When the clock chimes the end is nigh


This is the Corpus Clock at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. It was invented by John C. Taylor, cost $1 million dollars, involved six new patents, was one of TIME's best inventions of 2008, should be able to run accurately for over 200 years, and is creepy as all unholy fuck. Also: CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!
John C. Taylor said that the clock “is terrifying. It is meant to be... I view time as not on your side. He’ll eat up every minute of your life...”. He refers to the “Chronophage”, the locust at the top of the clock as “demonic”, and states “Time is gone. He’s eaten it.”

The inscription at the base of this mysterious clock, which incorporates six undisclosed patented inventions, and which had components constructed at a secret military research facility in Holland, is from the Vulgate translation of John 2:17: “Mundus transit et concupiscentia eius”... “The world passeth away, and the lust thereof.”
We, a group of concerned individuals, have since the unveiling of the Corpus Clock been conducting heavy research concerning the creators of this clock, and the strange occult symbolism embedded within it’s design.

We are working to make our research public, in order to inform the public and allow people to draw their own conclusions about this mysterious device and its origins and purpose.
All I'm saying is that when the world ends, and that will probably be soon, this clock will tell us and/or trigger the end times. I just wanted you all to be aware of that and know the horrid face of the creature that devours all time. Wired had a nice video describing how exactly it chews and eats seconds and terrifies children:

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