Tuesday, February 24, 2009

See you later Iraq, keep in touch

US Troops To Leave Iraq By August 2010: Officials
The United States will withdraw most of its troops from Iraq by August 2010, 19 months after President Barack Obama's inauguration day, according to administration officials who expect Obama to make the announcement this week.

The withdrawal plan would fulfill one of Obama's central campaign pledges, albeit a little more slowly than he promised. He said he would withdraw troops within 16 months, roughly one brigade a month from the time of his inauguration.

The U.S. military would leave behind a residual force, between 30,000 and 50,000 troops, to continue advising and training Iraqi security forces. Also staying beyond the 19 months would be intelligence and surveillance specialists and their equipment, including unmanned aircraft, according to two administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the plan has not been made public.
Yeah, it turns out we're still in Iraq. I forgot too. We're apparently going to be out of that war we all forgot about when our money died. Though really, 19 months instead of 16? I cry disillusionment, Mr. President! This is not what I voted for when I pretended that I voted.

Still I think it's quite honorable that the President has hewn so closely to his pledge to surrender to Islam and disgrace our troops with his cowardly white hankie waving. Some promises mean something and Barack clearly meant his promise to weaken our nation with liberal cowardice.

Luckily we won't actually save any of that money that we won't be spending on war, we have to give it to banks now. Oh we'll still need some cash to complete the never ending task of training Iraqi police and security forces, Predator drone polish, sedatives and psychotherapy for Michael Ware, and for new satellites we need to send up so we can really get a good view of Iraq's impending civil war and proxy/actual war with Iran. The rest of that money is Merrill Lynchs'.

I think we all need to pause and thank President Bush for this multi-year odyssey. It turns out that by steadfastly staying with a failed strategy and refusing to listen to the people who elected you, you can slowly sap the will of those people until they can barely be bothered to care what happens to that thing they were so enraged about a few months previous. It helps when you also simultaneously shoot the economy in the head. Thanks Mr. Former-President, we only have 19 months left to enjoy your spit in our mouths.

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