Wednesday, February 11, 2009

while you were off ignoring what you voted for

We used to have a word for this...
As expected, the concert promoter Live Nation and the ticketing giant Ticketmaster Entertainment said Tuesday that they plan an all-stock merger of equals.

Ticketmaster sells tickets for more than 80 percent of the major arenas and stadiums in the United States, according to the concert tracking firm Pollstar.

Live Nation is the world’s No. 1 concert promoter and owns more than 140 venues. It has comprehensive deals to the tours of such artists as Madonna, Jay-Z, U2, Nickelback and Shakira, and recently developed its own ticketing service.
What was it again, oligopoly? No, no... cartel? Nah, that wasn't it...

Oh, shit. It's this, isn't it?

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