Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The populist rage of the rich white idiot

Maybe you haven't heard about Rick Santelli. He's a reporter for CNBC who reports from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He gave a huge rant against the stimulus bill because it had the nerve to try to help people avoid foreclosure. According to Santelli, this entire crisis is the fault of homeowners who have beleaguered poor financial companies, banks, and traders with their incompetence. Helping them is COMMUNISM!!! He stood up for all the downtrodden brokers and derivatives traders and said "The poor won't push around the rich anymore!", advocated a revolution, and as he finished the millionaire traders he was surrounded by broke into applause.

Of course he's an idiot and an obvious one. Robert Gibbs, Obama's press secretary pointed it out rather bluntly in the middle of taking big bites out of Santelli's lunch. Of course Santelli responded by crying about it and claiming that the White House is trying to intimidate him and scare his children. In true cognitively dissonant fashion he did it on the talk show of G. Gordon Liddy, a man who knows a little about White House intimidation and conspiring to kill political opponents.

Now he's being persecuted for his beliefs that the rich are genetically superior to the poor and molecularly blameless. All he's advocating is that the rich bankers and traders overthrow the government and that same government has the nerve to point out that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. It happened to Gandhi, MLK, and Jesus, now it's happening to Robert Santelli. This is what happens when you try to stand up for the......trodders? What's the phrase I'm searching for? The people who trod on the poor making them downtrodden. Them. When there's no one left to speak for the incredibly wealthy, then we're all in trouble. We salute you Mr. Santelli.

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