Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today in Financial Ragnarok: Giant Rabbits

Above: La cena

While Matthew and I have long been advocating canned food and shoe leather hoarding as a means of surviving the imminent global economic collapse, resource wars, crop failures, World Rape, etc., it seems some friends across the pond are taking an entirely different approach.
The Valencia Agricultural Research Institute has launched a breeding programme of the rare Valenciano rabbit and predicts that it could be on supermarket shelves within three years.

It is hoped that the animals, which can grow as big as a lamb and produce 7kgs (15lbs) of meat, will prove popular as a healthy and cheap alternative to red meat.
The initiative, code named "Project: Beatrix Potter," makes plenty of sense. Rabbits are high in protein, low in saturated fat, and easy enough to capture and kill when you breed them to grow to the size of a lamb. Still, this doesn't quit feel like enough. Surely there are agricultural initiatives that might prove more successful in staving off a worldwide bat fight for the last case of Spam. Check below the fold for my idea.

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