Thursday, February 19, 2009

Us and our wars

On drugs and crime and, sure, piracy...
Stockholm, Sweden - The website of the international record label trade group IFPI was hacked on Thursday, with hackers posting a message on the site decrying the group's involvement in the case against Swedish file-sharing hub The Pirate Bay, which entered its fourth day of proceedings in court, Billboard reported.

"The ruthless hunt conducted by the IFPI, Anti-Piracy Office, Warner Bros., and all the other companies with a pawn in the game now resulted in a trial in which four innocent men are accused of copyright infringement. This is a declaration of war against anti-piracy outfits and the industry players behind them," read the note left by hackers.
So... when the means by which you enforce your notion of right-and-wrong are compromised, what exactly do you do? How do you address this, in my opinion, fucking hilarious exercise of collective intellectual will?

I'm assuming it will involve lawsuits and former high school football stars with body armor and shotguns.

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