Monday, February 23, 2009

We still hate you Fleischer

Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer poked his head out of of his toad hole over the weekend to remind us that while he can not confirm or deny that he saw his shadow, he is willing to announce a six month extension for Bush officials to bitch about the war.
FLEISCHER: We were wrong about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq. […]

HUGHLEY: When you found out that you were wrong, how did that make you feel?

FLEISCHER: You just scratch your head and say, “How could we be wrong?” It wasn’t just us that thought he had weapons of mass destruction. The Egyptians thought it, the French thought it, the Germans thought it the United Nations thought it, Bill Clinton’s CIA though it. We all thought it. Saddam was the big liar here.
It's all Saddam's fault. If he had the weapons we said he had, we wouldn't have been wrong. The logic would be stunning if it weren't the now standard defense of the 'no WMD' problem. Bush didn't lie about WMD's, Saddam lied about having WMD's and poor ole gullible George was suckered into a war he didn't want by that mean old arab. It's the truth. History is the new fiction. Can't wait for next month's tale of how Saddam forged the invasion order.

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