Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Huffington Post, enough already

Right now the headline on Huffington Post is "MAJOR PAPER RUNS CARTOON ASSOCIATING OBAMA WITH CRAZED CHIMP" in big giant red letters. This has been changed from what it was a few minutes back when the headline blared the cartoon compared Obama to a chimp. Later it will probably say "MAJOR PAPER RUNS CARTOON ASSOCIATING OBAMA STIMULUS BILL WITH CRAZED CHIMP", then "MAJOR PAPER RUNS CARTOON WITH CRAZED CHIMP", then "HUFFINGTON POST APOLOGIZES FOR TRYING TO RACE BAIT FOR PAGE HITS".

Even worse is the article written by usually lucid Sam Stein, where he dismisses the clear intent, to mock the stimulus bill as written by idiots or crazed/rabid chimps and reference the crazed chimp rampage from yesterday, to darkly intone about the shadowy racial politics of the cartoon. Enough already. Is this where we have to go now, HuffPo? Every time an ape is used in a mildly political context it's racism? Is this what I have to do now, defend the New York Post? Defend unfunny cartoons? Is this how low I've sunk? It's about the crappiness of stimulus and referencing yesterday's monkey shooting. Political cartoonists aren't the most subtle bunch, if the cartoon was about Obama the ape would either look like him of have the word 'Obama' written on it.

It wasn't about Obama, you really have to work to make it about Obama, it isn't racist, and this is lame enough to barely warrant going up on the site, let alone the blaring red font headline. Grow up, breathe, and go cover the probable dozens of things in today's Post that were 30-40 times more racist than the cartoon. For Christ's sake, they run columns by Ann Coulter.

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