Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eat it, Cleveland!

America's Most Miserable Cities
No. 4 Cleveland, Ohio

Only Denver gets socked with more snow than Cleveland's 52-inch annual average among the 50 largest metros. Clevelanders wait in fear for July 1, 2010, when hoops star LeBron James can switch teams as a free agent.
Pittsburgh ain't even on it. Yet another way we continually better you in meaningless magazine columns and sporting events. Now personally, I would have liked it if they had reasons other than snow and the possibility of LeBron leaving (Big Ben, Crosby, and Malkin ain't goin' anywhere bitches!), because that makes it seem less scientific, but what can you do.

Cleveland, you are miserable and the the only cities you can look down on are Stockton, Memphis, and Chicago. Though really, Chicago is kind of a stretch. Detroit is less miserable than you. Detroit! Hang your head in shame and know we have bested you once again......FORBESTYLE!!!!!

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