Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents' Day Link Rodeo Roundup

Salma Hayek Marries French Billionaire
I bet this is surprising to you as well. I was sure I had a shot at wooing Salma Hayek, she seemed so down to earth. But then she decided to shock us and the world by doing something that rich and beautiful actresses never do: marry an extraordinarily wealthy fashion tycoon. What's the make the score? Millionaires and billionaires 1,102,549 - Normal guys 3? We'll rally in the second half.

Wipeout: Herve Leger Models Fall In Fashion Show
New York fashion week. That means one thing: photos of emaciated Ukranians toppling over on the runway as a result of malnutrition, seven inch heels, and a methamphetamine haze. Huffington Post and the AP do not disappoint.

Venezuela Referendum: Chavez Wins Vote To End Term Limits
Shocking the world, President Hugo Chavez effectively becomes President for life of Venezuela. Gee, this is the sort of thing that always ends so well. I'm sure that this time, and not the other hundred times, will be when becoming dictator President for life doesn't end with oppression, revolution, civil war, and bloody battle through the streets of the capital. I mean statistically it has to happen at some point, right?

Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'
Sending a immediate boner to the groin of every Star Trek Federation nerd or Star Wars Empire freak, scientists decided to go for the gusto and predict that the Milky Way could have up to one hundred billion earth like planets. As to why we seem to have no evidence of any other civilization on said planets, so that we are barred from joining with them into a galactic UN, they have two suggestions. One: these alien sandbaggers have never heard of the Drake equation. Two: God and Jesus made these extra planets empty so we could one day colonize them. Either way, NASA's Kepler mission will go on the hunt for them next year.

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