Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free job application questionnaire

Dear Obama Administration, I have gone to the trouble of creating a foolproof job questionnaire for you to hand out to your prospective employees and cabinet level appointees. It seems you went and forgot to ask these questions.
1. Have you earned any money in the last few decades?

If Yes, move on to question 2. If No, start moving your shit into your new office.

2. Have you paid your taxes on that money you earned?

If Yes, move on to question 3. If No, go back and pay your fucking taxes like a big boy.

3. Are you positively sure you paid your taxes?

If Yes, move on up to that deeeee-luxe office in the sky, you finally got your piece of the pie. If No, go check. If  it turns out you did pay them, then you start on Monday. If you didn't pay your taxes then go and pay them you fucking infant.
Feel free to use it. No charge.


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