Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Change comes to Google Maps

Cheney lives here
Biden lives here

Want to know how far Dick Cheney's secretive grasp extended? All the way to Google Maps aerial photos of the Naval Observatory where he lived. During the Bush Administration you could see the White House, Pentagon, Area 51, and various landmarks that looked like penises from space, but you couldn't see Dick's pad. Not until the week he moved out, whereupon you were deemed to have high enough security clearance to see what the roof of the place looked like. Did he want the homeless furnaces hidden, didn't want NASA to see him sunbathe nude, or didn't want people learning his secret Masonic grass patterns? Or was Dick Cheney such an incredibly hypocritical shit that he had Google blur out his house while he was rifling through your underwear drawer? I think it was the homeless furnace thing.

Google's official position is that it was just an incredible coincidence that somehow also sounds exactly like something Cheney would pull, but I think the spokespeople know better to speak out on Cheney lest they be transported to his ranch to be hunted for sport. So there you are, life has provided you with the thousandth visual metaphor representing the changeover from Bush to Obama. They really are gone for good.

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