Monday, February 2, 2009

Broken In Brief: Steelers fans celebrate Super Bowl with dignity, restraint

PITTSBURGH--In a somber moment of quiet reflection, thousands of Pittsburgh Steelers fans marched at a slow pace to the city center to commemorate their team's record-setting sixth Super Bowl title last night.

Following the quiet trek, meant to signify their beloved team's steady progress through the postseason, an hour-long candlelight vigil and mass-prayer was held. Revelers patiently waited their turn to offer personal football-related stories and anecdotes reinforcing just how much this victory meant to them and the region as a whole.

"This is truly a transcendent moment in Pittsburgh sports history," said Mary Danville of Turtle Creek. "For this storied franchise to assert its preeminence in the salary cap age is truly a remarkable and humbling achievement. Praise be to God for this marvelous blessing."

Once all those who wished to had shared their individual affirmations, the crowd peacefully dispersed, careful to dispose of any trash in the area. Many, having had a beer or two during the game, boarded public transportation and headed home, eager to wake up for a good day's work in the City of Champions. City officials remarked that the level of peacefulness and humility on display made them wonder if the Super Bowl parade tomorrow would even need a police presence of any sort.

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