Monday, December 7, 2009

Fake ID! Kenyan! Moselm!

We all know that the President is a foreign sleeper agent who, after his birth in Kenya, was smuggled into this country, given falsified documents forging his US citizenship, indoctrinated in the ways of communism, socialism, Islam, and radical black nationalism, set with the fairly easy task of becoming a viable Presidential candidate, and then going and getting elected...with help from George Soros and ACORN. I know it, you know it, Orly Taitz knows it, and Sarah Palin knows it.

But as we try to unravel this nefarious global conspiracy (the body count of those who have tried to expose this truth has to be somewhere in the tens of thousands), we never thought that little Barry Soetoro himself would provide us with a gun so smoking, that the truth can barely be seen. From his Kennedy Centers speech to Mossad agent Mel Brooks.
Unfortunately, many of the punch lines that have defined Mel Brooks' success cannot be repeated here. I was telling him that I went to see Blazing Saddles -- -- when I was 10. And he pointed out that I think, according to the ratings, I should not have been allowed in the theater. That's true. I think I had a fake ID. But the statute of limitations has passed.
Where did you get this fake ID? Was it from the same fake ID that was used to gain you US citizenship... BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN IN MOMBASA!?!? Fake birth certificates, fake ID's, and Mel Brooks vehicles starring Gene Wilder and Slim Pickens? My God, it all makes so much sense now. This is going in the file. This will be part of the new batch of lawsuits. You got too cocky, Mr. Soetoro, now we have enough to take you down.

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